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Fw: Karakteristik Golongan Darah (Komik)

Just forward from email


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Been quite a while since my last login (Jul 3).

Umm.. you might find my last login after that, but that’s not me..
and i won’t tell u any details…

Actually, i’ve been busy with my life..
Spending a lot of time with me and myself..
Trying to get know more bout me..
Good and bad times..

I just need more time for myself..

Yang jelas.. Gue ga peduli

Gue ga peduli kalo ada yang bilang gue egois
Gue ga peduli kalo ada yang bilang gue cari perhatian
Gue ga peduli kalo ada gosip ga mutu tentang gue
Gue ga peduli apapun yang orang bilang tentang gue

Gue ga peduli punya masalah sama temen gue
Gue ga peduli kalo temen-temen yang tadinya deket jadi ikut ngejauh karena itu
Gue ga peduli kalo mereka nyalahin gue
Gue bahkan ga peduli kehilangan mereka, even i don’t want to..

Terserah mereka mo nganggep gue apa..
Terserah mereka masih mo temenan ma gue apa engga
Terserah kalo mereka jadi benci ma gue..

eyiq @ office
24 juli 2008

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